In 2018, my parents moved from Colorado Springs to Doylestown. My dad LOVES waterfalls. When they moved to the area, I searched for waterfalls that were handicap accessible. For us that means falls that are easily viewed from the parking lot or easy walk. Dingmans Falls came up in the search.

I was in the Poconos area for work, so we decided to visit Dingmans Falls. At the beginning of November 2019, the National Park Service, says it’s closed. I had called the Poconos Visitors bureau and they said it was open. We took the chance and visited. The repairs have been completed. It is a beautiful walk. Easy for those in a wheelchair or not able to walk stairs.

Easy walk for those with disabilities.

We were the only ones at the area when we arrived. Shortly after arriving, a Boy Scouts troop arrived. It was great to have the falls to ourselves. A short walk from the parking lot is a small water fall. It was extremely easy to walk too. The waterfall is called Silver Thorne.

The three of us started by walking to this area. As you can see, we are bundled up and ready for our walk.

My mom and I continued to walk to the Dingmans Falls area. It is a beautiful walk. We had just missed the fall foliage, but it was still beautiful.

I am very proud of my Mom for walking to the main falls area. If needed there are a lot of benches to stop for a break. It was about a half a mile from them parking lot. You can see the icicles to the right of the falls. It was a chilly morning.

There is so much beauty around us! It was a great day in the beginning of November.

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