The Carnegie Library in Washington DC is now an Apple Store, which opened in May of 2019. Over the past few years I have stayed at hotels near the Carnegie Library for work events that I have attended. When I would pass the library, I would wonder who was doing the renovations on the building.

I am in DC for DECA’s Power Trip conference and I got my answer. Apple has done an amazing job in restoration. It is the coolest Apple store I have ever visited. There are class conducted everyday in the main are of the store. It is now an Apple store on the main level. On the top floor it is the DC History Center and the bottom floor has a lot about the history of the building.

This blog isn’t about Apple, but about the beauty of the building. All photos were taken with the iPhone11 Pro Max. I had so much fun shooting this building. It reinvigorated my passion for photography.

I loved the interior and the detail that was retained in the renovations!

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