When people are visiting Las Vegas, they don’t think about going to visit the waterfalls in the casinos in Las Vegas. For those that follow my blog, you know that my Dad likes to visit waterfalls. I am in Las Vegas with my parents and that is what we did this morning. We did a little research to find what casinos had waterfalls. Deserts and waterfalls aren’t two things that you think about going together, but this is Vegas. Everything goes here! We took a Lyft from waterfall to waterfall. I am sure that most people don’t go waterfall hopping in Las Vegas, but we did! It was a fun morning.

The holidays are a great time to visit the casinos (and most hotels), so we got a double treat of seeing them decorated for Christmas


Outside of the Wynn Esplanade is an area of waterfalls.

The lobby of the Wynn is beautifully decorated for the holidays. Their florist designer created amazing scenes. The photos don’t do their creations justice! The carousel is absolutely AMAZING and my favorite!

The Mirage

The largest outdoor waterfalls are at The Mirage. We didn’t see the water show, but they have a volcano shows in the evening beginning at 6 pm.

Miracle Mile Shops

We had read an article that the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood had a rainstorm show. We went there and it didn’t look like something that was worth my parents to walk too, so we didn’t see it.

The Palazzo Tower at the Venetian Resort

Located between the Palazzo Tower and the Venetian Resort is a waterfall.

Also, the Venetian did an amazing job decorating for the holidays. Located in front of the waterfall is gondola from Venice. It was very cool to see after having been in Venice recently. Their recreation of St. Mark’s Square is amazing as well. The gelato looked amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This is my favorite holiday and I have so much to be thankful for.

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