This year the SoACE (Southern Association of College and Employers) conference was at The Peabody Hotel in Memphis. I had never heard of the hotel or their famous ducks. Some of you reading this have heard of them. Some are like me and never heard of them. When I had told my friends that I was staying at The Peabody, one of them told me the ducks were on their list to see. I thought, how have I been missing this and what other hotels with cool things am I missing? If you have any, leave in the comments below. It is great when you have a unique experience that you weren’t expecting to have. The ducks march at 11 am and 5 pm everyday. They have a palace on the roof. Here are two videos of the ducks leaving the fountain to go their palace. The Peabody is on point with atmosphere, service, and hospitality.

Ducks leaving the fountain
Down the red carpet the ducks go

Check out the palace they call home. It is quite impressive. I didn’t take a picture of the front, but I wouldn’t mind living there. While I was there I asked someone who used to live there, what happens when one of the ducks passes. She said Memphis mourns! They are beloved.

Ducks are everywhere! Here are some photos from around the hotel and the hotel rooms. Even the drink stirrers are ducks. Their marketing team is on point.

It is both tough and great to travel around the holidays. I love seeing the hotels decorated for the holidays. You can check out what some of the hotels in Las Vegas looked like around Thanksgiving.

There was a beautiful gingerbread village in the lobby!

During the holiday season, everyday at 11 am a choir from a local school performs. It is an amazing touch to staying at the hotel!

All photos were taken with iPhone 11 and edited with Veil Presets. They are the property of Travel With Laughter and written consent must be received to use the photos or video.

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