Doylestown is located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, which is north of Philadelphia. For those of you that follow my blog know that I document Doylestown along with my travels. The County Theater was built in 1938. The theater was saved from demolition and is now a non-profit. Four years ago they purchased the building next door with plans to expand. On January 6th, the construction of the expansion began. Today, January 16th, the building next door was demolished.

I wanted to write a blog to promote the local businesses of State Street (and all of Doylestown). Check out my blogs about Doylestown. The businesses are open on State Street! Please visit and shop local. Many of the owners have become friends of mine and would hate to see this cause them any more strain than is already there for small businesses. Small businesses are part of what makes Doylestown great!

The boro has lost 16 parking spots during the construction. It is estimated that the theater will be under construction till December 1st. Please support the businesses.

Daytime photos of State Street- January 5, 2020

Nighttime photos of State Street- January 6, 2020

Demolition Day- January 16, 2020

All photos were taken by an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Photos are the property of Travel With Laughter and written consent must be received to be used.

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