In November of 2018, my sister Nancy and I visited the Amalfi Coast. We were staying there after our visit to Capri. We were there in November and it’s off-season. It’s different visiting the Amalfi during off season. The water taxi’s aren’t running, hotels are closed, bus schedule is reduced, and many restaurants are closed. It takes a little more planning to visit the area. The positive about traveling to the Amalfi Coast in the off season is the crowds are almost non-existent and you see local life. The weather is great, in my opinion, this time of the year. We spent a lot of time talking to people who have visited the Amalfi and reading blogs on where to base our trip. We are glad we chose Sorrento for our visit in November. If we had been there during a different time of the year, we decided we would want to stay in Ravello.

We decided staying in Sorrento would be best for us in November. We stayed at an AirBNB. It was located right in Tasso Square, which was a great location. Lots of great people watching, restaurants and shopping. After this trip, we decided that AirBNB’s are great, but when it is just the two of us we will stay in a hotel. There is something nice about having fresh towels everyday!

Chiostro di San Francesco

We spent some time walking around Sorrento and visited Chiostro di San Francesco. It is a beautiful church and cloister. It is a not what you expect from the outside and is a beautiful treasure. This is typical of most churches in Europe, they are amazing!

86 Bistro

When we travel, we love finding restaurants by just walking around. We found a gem with 86 Bistro. It was nice enough outside for us to sit on the patio. It’s located on a quiet and local street. It was a great lunch and the owner was our waiter. Fresh fish and ingredients equal a great meal. Delizie al Limone is an AMAZING desert that we made in Capri and when we saw it on the menu, we knew we had to order it. Prior to this trip we had never had it before. We highly recommend, if you are visiting Sorrento.

Ristorante Zi’Ntonio Mare

When we asked people who have been to Sorrento for restaurant recommendations, everyone suggested Ristorante Zi’Ntonio. We should have known that it wasn’t our type of restaurant with the tour groups. It was ok, but not as great we had expected. I would not recommend it with all the other choices Sorrento has to eat.

Ristorante Osteria del Buonconvento

We passed by Ristorante Osteria del Buonconvento a few times while exploring Sorrento and it looked too touristy for us, so we discounted eating there. There were menus in the front with pictures and someone in the front trying to bring you in to the restaurant. Then one night we met a couple and they told us it was awesome, so we went for lunch! It was great. The building was a former monastery and the area we ate in looked like the church portion of the building. We had the lobster with fettuccine. It is one of those dishes you think about years later. We would go back and recommend the restaurant. It’s crazy how you never know who you will meet and where they would recommend, we would have not went here if they hadn’t recommended the restaurant. They also felt the same way about the first impression.

Winery De Angelis

We had a free day in Sorrento and we contacted Winery De Angelis for a wine tasting. Their production area in located in Sorrento and their grapes are grown in the surrounding area. We had a great visit and their wines were nice. There were two other couples with us and it’s cool that we are still in contact with them on social media. It is a small world and it was crazy that someone who grew up where I live was there. If in Sorrento, I recommend a visit and wine tasting. They can ship their wines to the United States and we were happy that we had their wines sent home.

Walk Around Sorrento

We were visiting the area in November and they were getting ready for Christmas. The decorations were up, but they were weren’t lit. Sorrento is a very easy city to walk around. We found a little market set up and now that I look at the pics, they had some cool items.

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