The Amalfi Coast is beautiful and a special place. Visiting the Amalfi Coast during off season has pros and cons. We used Sorrento as our base and found it to be a great place for our trip. We knew we wanted to visit the towns of the Amalfi Coast. During the high season there are more options for getting around the coast. The water taxi’s weren’t running and it was a reduced bus schedule. Driving on the Amalfi Coast is not for the faint of heart and not an option for us. I love both the water and mountains. The Amalfi Coast is both, which I loved.

Located outside our AirBNB was Aldo Limos. They happened to be open on Sunday, so we stopped in and booked a day tour of the Amalfi Coast. We were going to visit via the bus schedule. However, we realized that wasn’t going to work. While we were there, storms hitting the area, so we knew we had to visit the Amalfi Coast in one day. The only way to do this was to hire a driver. We were glad we did! Our driver Tony knew where to stop and we learned things that we wouldn’t have if we had taken a bus.


As we started the drive from Sorrento we were happy that we were not driving! As we approached Positano, the two lane roads looked more like one way roads. We stopped to take some photos of Positano before we explored Positano. There is little stop with beautiful overlook and spot to get some fresh squeezed juices.

We walked around town for a little bit. There were a few stores opened in November and we enjoyed the store the Lemon Lady. It is a great store with unique items and the lemon candy was amazing. Pictures weren’t allow in the store. 😦 I use the bag I got from there all the time.

We walked down to the beach. We stopped in a few shops that were open. Tony reminded us when we got to the beach to turn around and enjoy the beauty that is Positano. Wow!


As we drove from Positano to Amalfi, we stopped for a few photos at Furore. It is a “non town” on the Amalfi coast. There isn’t a piazza, but some beautiful outlooks. As I look at places to stay, this would be a great place to stay.


The Duomo in Amalfi is one of the places I wanted to visit on this trip. I was glad I had time to visit.

After visiting the Doumo we had a lunch at Locanda Del Mrinaio. The pizza was DELISH!


Rain! Rain! Rain! Until we got Ravello, we did well with only a little rain. When I return to the Amalfi Coast, I will stay here. Loved shopping at Bric and Brac!

We had some yummy gelato.

During the rain, I enjoyed a walk around Ravello. It is beautiful in the rain and am sure gorgeous in the sun!

Our trip to the Amalfi coast was in 2018. As I write this the Covid-19 pandemic has Italy and much of the world on stay at home orders. I look at these photos and I wonder when I will be traveling again.

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