This was an Easter Weekend like no one has experienced before and prayers we don’t again. All church services on-line, no big Easter egg hunts, no big family gatherings and time spent alone. Good Friday in the Doylestown area was cold, windy and rainy. Easter Sunday was sunny and warm. I was able to get out for a couple of walks to take in the beauty of Doylestown.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I love the beauty and the love surrounding St. Paul’s. Maybe this year is the first time, but I have never noticed the cross placed in front of it’s red doors before this year during the Easter season.

The Doors of St. Paul’s

Flowers are blooming!

Doylestown Labyrinth

One of my favorite places in Doylestown is the Labyrinth. I find it to be beautiful year round. Currently, it is blooming and there is beauty from every angle. During the holidays there are lights strung on around the path and it’s beautiful.

Historic Society Park

I love finding new things during my walks around Doylestown and the Historic Society Park is one of those places. I have walked through the little park behind the Doylestown Historical Society, but never really spent time there. As I walked around, I found a cool bench that is in honor of the building where I live.

Doylestown Neighbors United

In January, a group of civic minded residents of Doylestown started an organization to help those locally. Since it started it has helped many people and will continue to do so during this time. These awesome signs are starting to show up around town. Check out the link to help those out in need or for resources if you need help.

Bridge Acupuncture

My acupuncturist Paolo usually does in person meditation classes every other Wednesday. He has moved that to virtually. If you are looking for something to take you away from all that is going on around us, for a little bit, check out their website for the next class. Here was my view from my last class.

Dogwood Trees

My favorite tree is the dogwood tree and they are starting to bloom! It is all about finding the little things that bring you joy.

Wish you all the best during these trying times!

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