The boro of Doylestown is quiet and residents are staying home. For this I am thankful. I know it’s tough and this too shall pass. I help my parents with what they need so they don’t have to go out, so I really appreciate everyone staying home.

Thank you to the health care workers and to everyone helping to flatten the curve. During the day there are a people out for walks, exercise and walking their dogs. Last night I took this picture of a quiet Doylestown, which on a “normal” Saturday night would be busy.

This afternoon, I took a walk around town. It was a beautiful afternoon and warmer than I had expected it to be today. Things are blooming more everyday. These are a few things of beauty that I thought I would share.

St. Paul’s Episcopal church has become one of my favorite places to photograph in Doylestown. I loved what they did with their door for Palm Sunday.

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