Tonight one of my friend’s introduced me to the song This Too Shall Pass by Sinclair. It was written in 2014 and so appropriate right now! Here is her daughter signing. Finding joy in small moments!

Sing your heart out!

I know we all have moments of uncertainty and love is more important now than ever. We have to feel our emotions and not push them aside. Krisitn Moore, a friend and photographer in Doylestown, has started asking people to hang posters in their windows in Doylestown on her Instagram account. She mentioned others around the country are doing it and it’s a great sign of hope! It’s also a fun activity for kids to make and find them when on walks, while practicing social distancing. They are creating signs rainbows and “This too shall pass.” My friend Allison and her daughter made one for my window.

Here are some photos of people around Doylestown and the country!

Sending everyone much love! This morning I saw this sign in the center of Doylestown.

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