This is not how we expected to spending the first few days of spring. Doylestown along with most of the world is shut down. Along with others I am practicing social distancing. My parents are in quarantine with most of the other at high risk. I am the only one visiting them. We need to flatten the curve! I know it’s a time of uncertainty, but as someone who has been through breast cancer, our health is what matters most. It’s a tough time……#ThisTooShallPass!

Today a local restaurant (Chambers 19) had pancakes for pick-up and I treated my parents. They loved the treat, it is the first meal they haven’t had to prepare! It’s funny how friends who saw the picture then cooked pancakes for their breakfast.

Now, I want pancakes!

Doyelstown is blooming! It is great to walk and see new things blooming every day.

Before sunrise I was walking and St. Paul’s was beautiful!

Cooking at home! I loved cooking sweet potatoes from Love Grows CSA, which were delicious. Having Cutco Cutlery makes cooking so much easier.

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