I am so happy it is May. For me the month of April went by quickly and March felt like a year! I have heard others say that as well. I am ok with that because every day gets us closer to the stay-at-home order here in Greater Philadelphia ending. The first weekend of May was beautiful weather, which allowed me to get for some walks.

Domani Star

One of my favorite restaurants in Doylestown is Domani Star. Friday nights at Sorella with music and friends is perfect way to spend a Friday for me. Sunday brunch is another favorite! Recently, I ordered a yummy risotto dinner on a Friday night for pick-up. I loved that there there was special package to make my favorite brunch. Best surprise ever! Thank you Morgan.


Another favorite in Doylestown is Quinoa. Their food is yummy and flavorful! Presentation isn’t pretty at my house, but it was yummy.

Cross Culture

It was over 6 weeks since I had Indian food from cross culture. I didn’t realize that they were open for pick up and I was happy to get some shrimp tiki masala.

Walk around Doylestown

Doylestown is blooming and there is beauty around every corner.

Doylestown Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market was originally scheduled to open in mid-April. It opened on May 2nd, with protocol for social distancing. They are only allowing food products, which I agree with, because the local Doylestown businesses aren’t able to open. Many of the vendors are pre-order only.

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