This is probably not the blog you expect for a travel blog. For the the past two plus months, I have been at home in Doylestown. Many of us who travel, say this is the longest they have been home. For me, this is the second longest time that I have not been traveling. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, I didn’t travel for 9 months. That time is very different than now. Tests, chemo, surgery, and radiation were in my life at that time.

I miss traveling, but I am blessed with where I have traveled. Feel free to search my blog for your bucket list.

Since March, I have been focusing on things I want to do. They include walks, photography, and family. During this time, I have started puzzling. I have loved puzzling. I work from home and have a lot video calls. So, I started puzzling as a way to do some non screen time activities. Shopping local is important for me and I have gotten my puzzles from a local store. I have sent two to my sister too.

When you open a new puzzle box, you see lots of pieces. You think, where to begin. That is my first thought. I begin with the border. Then I start with a theme of color or a section from the photo. It is interesting what you learn when working on a puzzle. You see all these pieces and things are confusing. Then you look back at them them and the pieces fit together. I have learned when you step away and look at things differently, the pieces come together. These are all lessons in leadership. We all can be overwhelmed and need to step back and look at things differently.

For me 2020 was supposed to be a year of travel. I am going to be celebrating my 50th birthday in November. My plan was to be in Paris and my heart is in Paris. Recently, I have started a Paris puzzle. My photos, blogs I follow and memories will be in my heart. There will be future trips and memories created.

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