My favorite day in Doylestown is Memorial Day and the parade. People start lining up on the parade route early in the morning to get the perfect viewing spot. Doylestown comes together to honor our fallen veterans. This year, just like everywhere, it is a lot different. There was no parade. Doylestown is still in the red zone of Pennsylvania, so many things have been cancelled. On Friday morning, I went out for a walk before the rain. While I was walking around I was inspired to take pictures of the flags around town to turn it into a blog.

On Memorial Day the fire company put out a big flag on the truck.

There is a family on Court Street that hangs a flag every year on Memorial Day (weather permitting). They hang it between two trees in their front yard. If I remember correctly, it is a family flag that dates back to the 1800s.

In the Courthouse area, Doylestown has Memorial’s to honor those from previous wars.

Here are the photos that I have taken around Doylestown.

Today, I also hung the flag at my parent’s condo. I am getting to be quite handy! LOL

One of my friend’s sent me this picture of the flag they have hanging in their garage.

Wish everyone a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!

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