When you think about a vacation in Capri, or Southern Italy for that matter, you don’t think about heading there in November. My sister and I traveled to Italy in November, with the way Veteran’s day and Thanksgiving fell in 2018, it made sense. For me, Florence and Tuscany were on the list. For my sister it was the Amalfi and Capri. After our Tuscan adventures we took a train from Florence to Naples and then a boat to Capri. We love the trains in Europe and our day to get to Capri was fun. We can’t wait to return! We had a great time in Capri and visiting in November is when you see the “real” Capri.

After getting some pizza at the boat terminal in Naples, we boarded the boat. We did chose the hydrofoil. Naples is the birthplace of pizza, so you have to order pizza! Capri, here we come! Luggage and all, because we did a lot of shopping in Florence, we were ready for Capri. Remember to pack light when traveling in Europe. During our research about visiting Capri, in November, we had read that with rough seas, boats could be cancelled. So, we planned that if things were cancelled, our trip would be ok. Our thought was, there are worse places to be “stuck,” than Capri.

Nancy found our place to stay in Capri. Casa di Capri was perfect for us, since most hotels were closed in November. We highly recommend using the porters in Capri. They brought our luggage up the stairs to our room, which was great. The streets are quaint and lots of stairs, so the porters are great to help!

We had an amazing balcony at our room. Our first night we had cheese (which we brought from Tuscany) and champagne on the balcony. With a view like that, how could you not love it. Breakfast on the balcony was perfect too. Take me back to Capri!

We stayed in Capri for two nights. We had one full day on the island and webtook the bus to Anacapri. The buses are easy and inexpensive to use in November. We can only imagine what is like in Capri during high season. One of my favorite things to do when touring Europe is to visit and walk into churches. To me these are some of the most beautiful places.

Church of St. Michael the Archangel


After walking around Anacapri, we decided to do the chair lift to the top of the island. I have to say, we didn’t think about being scared of heights till we were on the lift. It was great, but heights are not what we wanted!

PS. I only took photos on the top and on the way down the lift.

Walk Around Capri/Anacapri

Cooking Class Michel’angelo Ristorante

During our last day on Capri, we did a cooking class at Michel’angelo Ristorante. I had found their restaurant on Instagram and Holly gave us great tips. We loved our time with her and Gianluca. It is crazy that during all of our previous trips to Europe, this was our first cooking class. We didn’t chose the private class, but we were the only two in the class. We chose the Lemon Twist Masterclass. We loved all of it, but the Delizia al Limone is a Capri treat and amazing!

We loved our time in Capri and highly recommend what we did and visited.

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