I am a foodie! Yes, I eat with restrictions, but I still love great food. I am Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and a pescatarian. When I have friends in town, I love eating our way through Doylestown at some of my favorite spots. Here were a few of our stops a few weeks ago.


We started Friday night at Quinoa. It is a great Peruvian restaurant that since moving into Doylestown has grown a following and is busy! It is so good and flavorful. Their ceviche is my favorite! Snapper with crab tacu tacu and Picante De Camarones are two of my favorite entrees.

Native Café

Native Café is a new coffee shop in Doylestown. Even though I don’t drink coffee, I love a good coffee shop vibe and food. They made me a great tea latte and avocado toast was great. My friend Kattie had the chicken salad wrap (sorry no photo) that was done Thai style. The food has an east and west flair. My reading glasses in the photo are from my favorite store Lotus Apparel and Home.

The Cook and His Books

Theme dinners at The Cook and His Books are one of my favorite places on a Saturday night to enjoy amazing food. Chef Michael Kanter prepares amazing food based on a theme. We went to a Mediterranean Tapas themed dinner. It was great and fun with friends!

Domani Star

For those that follow my blog, you know that my favorite restaurant in Doylestown is Domani Star. Check out my past blogs about Domani. We had an amazing brunch on Sunday!

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