It’s July 4th weekend! Those of you that follow me regularly may know that I help my parents. With them being elderly, we are very careful about our outings during the pandemic. We also know it is important for us to get out. It is also for us to get out since my sister passed three weeks ago. Last weekend, we went to Lake Nockamixon. We buy food and have a “picnic” in the car and drive around exploring Bucks County. There is so much beauty!

Tyler State Park

It is funny that this was my first time to Tyler State Park. I have passed by it many times. It is pretty, but the things we wanted to see, you have to walk to see. That wasn’t something we were able to do on this outing. I was able to capture a few photos by the boat rental area.

Washington Crossing Park

Another first for me was visiting Washington Crossing Park. Yes, it is where Washington crossed the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War in 1776. When the weather and river conditions permit there is a reenactment of the crossing on Christmas. I look forward to returning and exploring the area more.

Ralph Stover State Park

We explored more of Upper Bucks county and stopped by Ralph Stover State Park. During our drive around the area, I have realized how low the water levels are in the area. You can really see it at Ralph Stover with the Tohickon Creek.

Peace Valley Lavender Farm

Located near Peace Valley Park is Peace Valley Lavender Farm. It is one of my favorite places in the area. I have never been there when the lavender is in bloom, so this was a special treat. They were picking the lavender and the bees were loving it. I don’t know if it is just me, but I have noticed more bees this year than the last few years. With the pandemic and everyone pausing, I feel like the earth has started to breath again! Nature is awakening.

One of the trips my sister and I took was to Provence, the lavender wasn’t in bloom, but I will return to see it in bloom! She is missed greatly, but I know that she is with me always!

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  1. Dear Helen, Just want to send my condolences to you and your family for the loss of your sister. I have so enjoyed the pictures of your travels together. It is my personal belief that it is our bodies which die. Our soul does not. She is right here with you now, and every time you think of her, she is especially close. May your heart be filled with love and laughter always. Kind regards, Lana

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