Since March of 2020, I haven’t traveled. You can tell that my blogs over the last year have been about the beauty of Doylestown. My last trip and flight was to Las Vegas with my parents. We returned home and the world shut down. We wanted to take a little trip within driving distance. We decided to go to Watkins Glen, NY and went away in April of 2021. It’s located on Seneca Lake, which is in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York.

First we stopped in Selinsgrove, PA for one night. Since it was a driving vacation, we stopped at places that we saw along the way of getting to where we wanted to go. It was great that we would have a destination and stop if we saw something else we wanted to see!

Williamsport, PA

As we were driving to the “Pennsylvania Grand Canyon,” we drove we through Williamsport. Until we drove past the stadium where the Little League World Series is played, we didn’t realize it was something we wanted to see. It was cool to see the stadium!

Little Pine State Park

We stopped at Little Pine State Park, which we weren’t sure we were on the right road going into the park. It felt like we we were going the wrong way because there was nothing and no one around. I loved the steel bridge you cross going into the park. While we were there, we say no one. It was beautiful.

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

The other part of this trip was that we didn’t take highways or toll roads. We didn’t stay long at the PA Grand Canyon, because we wanted to get to Watkins Glen, NY. This is a park that would be beautiful to see in the fall with the leaves changing.

Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel

I have stayed at this hotel for a conference and a girls weekend. I knew it would be great for us to use as our base as we explored the area. It has a great restaurant, beautiful rooms and view of the lake. I recommend booking through the hotel’s website. While sitting out at the fire pit one night, I met some people who recommended the waterfalls in the area for us to see. The Watkins Glen State Park was closed, so we weren’t able to those waterfalls. We love searching for waterfalls and it is one of my dad’s favorite things.

Aunt Sarah’s Fall’s

We drove around looking for waterfalls and driving around the lake. We followed the list that the people I met at the hotel. This was my mom’s favorite, because it’s her name! Also, this was great because it was right on the highway.

Havana Glen Park

This was my favorite waterfalls we saw that day. I was the only one who was able to see these falls. The park was closed to cars, so I walked to the falls.

Shequaga Falls

Another beautiful waterfall near the road was Sequaga Falls. It is located on a residential street. It would be great to have this waterfall in my backyard.

Sampson State Park

In 1955, my dad did his basic training at Sampson Air Force Base. We visited the park and it was beautiful. There are different signs you can call a number to get the history of base. I love history and my dad loved driving around. It was great to the stories he had.

Miles Wine Cellar

The last time I was in Watkins Glen was for a girls weekend. We did a wine and chocolate weekend for my friend Lisa’s birthday. One of our favorite wineries was Miles Wine Cellar, so we made a stop to honor Nancy. We had some rosé and I spent time down by the lake! It was a nice afternoon.

Ithaca Falls

On our way home, we stopped in Ithaca to look at the falls. We started at the bottom one that is located on Lake Street and easy to access. It was cool to see a fly fisherman at the bottom of the falls.

On Cornell’s campus there is a pedestrian bridge that gives you access to see the middle waterfall. The trees were blooming as well.

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