Spring is here and Doylestown is blooming! As you can tell by the set of photos below, I have had fun taking photos. Walks are taking longer because I am getting inspired to capture the beauty. I have seen a couple articles asking if the blooming has always been so vibrant or if it is because we see things like this differently this year. What do you think?

The goal of my blog has and always will be to bring laughter, joy, and love into the world. Enjoy the beauty around Doylestown!

Domani Star

Friday nights at Domani Star are my favorite. Music and outside dining are back.

Bridge Acupuncture

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, I started seeing Paolo from Bridge Acupuncture. I can’t tell you how much it has helped me. He does meditation on various Wednesday evenings. For the past year it has been on zoom, but a couple of weeks ago he did one at the Labyrinth in Doylestown. It was an awesome place for a meditation group. Look forward to more meditation groups.

Random Photos

Lake Nockamixon

My parents and I like going to the waterfall area of Lake Nockamixon and eating lunch. We then head to the marina and walk around a little bit.

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