On social media, I have seen many memes/jokes about March 2021 being the same as March 2020. Yes, there are similarities. However, there are many differences as well. There is a feeling of hope in the air. It was a cold and snowy winter in Doylestown. I was happy to welcome spring!

For over the past year, The County Theater has been undergoing renovation and expansion. We knew it would tough, but on top of PECO doing gas line work as well, it has been even tougher. All small businesses need help, but the the Doylestown businesses have a special place in my heart. Many of them have become friends.

The County Theater

March began with the marquee being returned to the theater. I looks like there will construction through April.

Peace Valley Park

There were days in Doylestown that were great for exploring. Along with my parents, we went to the park.

Fonthill Castle

Over the past month, I have taken a couple of walks to Fonthill. I love the grounds. One of my favorite places in Doylestown is the tree-lined entrance.

Little Stone House in Fonthill Woods

“The little stone house is near Fonthill Castle, home of Henry Chapman Mercer. Originally part of the Bestler tract of land purchased by Mercer in 1907, the house was restored by him in 1916, with the inscription below in Mercer tiles under the roof line.  There is also a charming tile with an image of a bird at top center which reads “Silva Vocat” (“The Forest Calls.”)…….” This is from the Little Stone House website.

There is so much history and love finding the hidden locations in Doylestown.

Flowers around Doylestown


During one of the beautiful days in Doylestown, I got the ceviche bowl and had lunch at the Labyrinth. On a Saturday night, I went to Quinoa and sat outside. I was treated to an amazing sky at sunset.

Domani Star

My happy place on Friday nights is Domani Star. The fish specials have become my favorites. In March there were two beautiful Friday nights for eating outside and I took advantage.

Alessio Seafood Grille

My parents had their first meal out at a restaurant since October. We had a delicious meal of grilled snapper. Great meal out and enjoyed our time together.

Random photos

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