One of my favorite activities with my parents is to explore National Parks. When they lived in Colorado, we explored many in Colorado, South Dakota and Utah. We have started to explore the ones on the east coast. Have you ever lived somewhere that you go and visit later? Then you wonder why you didn’t visit when you lived nearby. Gettysburg is one of those places for me. When I lived in nearby York, PA, I never visited Gettysburg. I have learned to appreciate what is around me, which is why we explore Bucks County.

Gettysburg National Military Park

The week before Memorial Day, we went to Gettysburg National Military Park. We left early in the morning and arrived around lunch time. We didn’t set up a guide, but we will next time. You can hire a private guide to tour you around the park. There is a free audio/video car guide that we followed. There is so much history and so much to see. It was amazing to stand where Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address.

Downtown Gettysburg

We only spent one night in Gettysburg and went to the downtown area in the morning, when it was less crowded. I saw the train station where Abraham Lincoln arrived. Lincoln stayed at David Wills’ house and it is now a museum. It wasn’t opened due to Covid when we were there, so be sure to check schedules.

Mansion House 1757

Since we were visiting during times of Covid, we wanted to go for dinner outside of town. We went to Mansion House 1757 in Fairfield, PA. We were glad that found this gem of restaurant. It was beautiful and there was so much history. The food was delicious. My mom and I had chilled peach soup. That was first and it was yummy.

Lincoln Diner

After I took photos of downtown Gettysburg, we found a place for breakfast and it was the Lincoln Diner. It is located across the street from the Gettysburg train station. It was a yummy breakfast.

Turkey Hill Experience

We made a pit stop and stumbled about Turkey Hill Experience. Instead of driving back on the turnpike, we took the scenic route via Route 30. We didn’t even know it existed until we stopped. We didn’t visit, but got pics in front of the HUGE cow.

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