A conference in New Orleans over Halloween with a Saints game at home makes for an interesting combination. This was my first trip for work since February of 2020 and this trip was for the the Direct Selling Association Annual Conference.

I was happy to see the new beautiful airport. Loved seeing Emeril’s Table when I walked off the plane. One of the things that I noticed on this trip is that we are using way too much disposable plastic. The hotel used disposable plastics for our board breakfast and lunch. There was only one restaurant open and they were using disposable service items as well.

Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar

The first thing I wanted to do in NOLA was to get oysters. I had been to Acme Oyster House a couple of times, so I wanted to try somewhere new. I had a couple of people recommend Felix’s. When I told a friend it was my first time there, they were surprised. The oysters were great and just what I wanted. The master shucker has been there for 23 years. Sitting at the oyster bar is my favorite way to experience oysters in New Orleans.

Arnaud’s French 75 Bar

There is a bar in New Orleans dedicated to making French 75’s and these were my sister’s favorite drink. I decided to go there and toast to her. The bartender told me they serve about 100 French 75’s a night and they are made differently than I have ever had before. The ones I have had before use gin and Arnaud’s French 75 Bar uses Courvoisier VS, which made them extra special. They have really good yummy nibbles! I love the atmosphere.

Muriel’s Jackson Square

Muriel’s is my favorite restaurant in NOLA. I love the food and atmosphere. Over the years I have hosted many group dinners here while attending conferences. I have actually only been to New Orleans for work events. In my opinion, Muriel’s has it all with great food, atmosphere, bar, history and service. We were there for Sunday Brunch and there were was a jazz trio, which was fun. For the first time, the balcony was open and enjoyed some time overlooking Jackson Square. Highly recommend Muriel’s, even if it is for a some apps at the bar.

Fleurty Girl

One of my favorite things is to do is walk around a city, with no plans and see what new places I can find. I found the store Fleurty Girl and it will be a store I return too.

Wise Buys

While exploring New Orleans, I found a cute women’s boutique: Wise Buys. It is another store that I will return to next time in NOLA. Unique pieces are always needed in a wardrobe, which I like buying from boutiques.

Photos walking around New Orleans

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