During our trip to Dubrovnik, we chartered a boat and toured the Elafiti Islands. When you google things to do in Dubrovnik, it is something that kept coming up. It was so much fun. Since we were were doing day trips, we wanted a little taste of the Croatian islands. A tour of The Elafiti islands is a great day trip from Dubrovnik. There are three islands we visited and there is the option to go swimming, but we didn’t do that. Since we were there in October, it wasn’t busy. October and November are my favorite times to visit Europe. Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik is where we stayed and they set up the boat tour with Mala Mara.

Our boat and captain for the day

As we pulled out of the marina, there was a Semester at Sea ship in port. It is a program where you travel the world and take your college classes while at sea.

Semester at Sea ship

Before heading to the inhabited islands we stopped at some deserted islands, which are part of the archipelago. If you want, you can go swimming. It is amazing to me how these trees grew out of the rocks.


This was the first car free island I ever visited and the population is approximately 330. We walked around had some coffee and enjoyed the peaceful setting. I love sending postcards to my parents from our travels and we did from here. I found a path that I walked and enjoyed. Too bad the cute church wasn’t open.


Lopud is the second island we visited and spent the most time there. It is the most developed of the three we visited with a population of 200. It is also a car free island.

Lopud Franciscan Monastery

The Monastery is a museum that you can visit or could also be rented for events. Another amazing spot that I have found for a future party! LOL. The list of these awesome places for parties keeps growing. We decided to visit during our time on the island. I also did a little photoshoot of Nancy.


Even when traveling, I love supporting local businesses. We both loved the art of the artist Rudi and bought some items. Every time I look at them I am taken back to this amazing day with Nancy.

Restoran Dubrovnik

Lunch on the bay with fresh seafood! Life doesn’t get any better than that. Nancy and I had an amazing lunch at Restoran Dubrovnik. It was a beautiful day and the view was amazing! I don’t remember what kind of fish we had, but I remember talking about life and enjoying every moment. It’s funny we have a picture of the menu, we never opened it up. We trusted our waiter to bring us the freshest fish. It was delicious!

Church of St Crisis

After lunch we walked around and found a beautiful church. I didn’t write down the name of the church and took me a little bit to find the church.

Šipan Island

The third island we visited was Šipan. We walked around the island and found a little store with jewelry and wine. It was a perfect combination. There was a little café where we had some wine and met great people.


Since we we were talking to the couple in Šipan a little too long, our captain had to speed back to Dubrovnik marina. It was beautiful!

These memories with Nancy live forever and so happy to have them!

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