Today we unofficially close the Summer of 2021, I thought we all needed to see some beauty. When I was looking at my photos from the summer, I realized I had a lot of photos of the flowers from around Doylestown. Even though I do post a photo a day on Instagram there were many that I have’t posted. I have learned what you appreciate appreciates. I know for so many, it has been tough times. Prior to March of 2020, I watched morning TV and the news. Since then, I have stopped watching both. I have noticed that is helps my mental state and I am focusing on what I can control around me.

A few years ago, I “cut the cord” with cable. I watch a lot of YouTubers. My favorite YouTube channel is The Chateau Diaries. It’s fun to escape to rural France. Other favorites include How to Renovate A Chateau and Escape to Rural France. Notice a theme! LOL. I miss Europe and France in particular.

Haha! I got distracted from my blog. Here are the photos of the flowers that I took from around Doylestown this summer. I love finding beauty with the flowers during my walks in Doylestown.

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