The first big in-person event in three years was DECA in Atlanta. For over fifteen years, Vector Marketing (who I work for) has been partners with DECA. It is an organization that is primarily in High Schools. Their annual international conference was in Atlanta this year and there were over 17,000 attendees. It was a great event and felt great to see everyone and especially students and advisors. It is definitely different attending and planning an event during Covid.

The week of the conference, the mask mandate on airplanes ended. For those who have been following me for years, know that since I went through treatment for breast cancer in 2017. Since then, I have been wearing a mask on planes/airports. I will continue you too. This is also a conference that requires a lot of luggage, as you can tell by the picture!

Marriott Marquis

The lobby of the this hotel is a wow! There are 47 floors and it is quite the view from the top. The staff at the hotel is great and like so many hotels not all services are up and running.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Approximately two blocks from the Marriott Marquis is a beautiful Basilica. I have stayed here many times and never visited before. I met a parishioner and she was so proud of the Basilica. It is the only one in Georgia. I have been to many churches and this one felt special and was absolutely gorgeous.


Vector Marketing was exhibiting at DECA’s conference. We had fun at the booth meeting the student, advisors, and playing giant jenga/connect four.

Poor Calvins

Sharing good food with friends is one of my favorite things to do. After the pandemic, I won’t take it for granted. A friend introduced me to Poor Calvins four years ago at DECA. This year, I went back with them and with the Vector team after exhibiting. It is so good and it was perfect weather for their patio, which was great after being inside for days.


Even though I don’t eat meat, I have found that steakhouses usually have amazing fish and sides! That was true for Cuts as well. Thanks to some DECA state advisors for a great dinner and inviting us for a meal.

Pacific Rim Bistro

A block from the Marriott Marquis is a sushi restaurant that I have visited many times. It is yummy and had a great meal with the team after setting up the booth.

Trader Vic’s

Prior to my visit to Trader Vic’s in Atlanta, I had never heard of it before. It has a long history and you feel like you are in a tiki bar in the South Pacific.

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