On Mother’s Day this year, I started a vacation with my parents. We spent our vacation in Hudson, NY. More on that coming soon! When we mapped our route we noticed that West Point was on our way. My dad is retired from the military, so that is how we accessed West Point. I am not sure how visitors access. For over 20 years, my parents lived in Colorado Springs. After my dad retired, he work at the Air Force Academy in supply. They loved seeing another military academy. They both are very different than each other.

Cadet Chapel

Until we drove around, we didn’t realize that there was more than one chapel at West Point. We stopped at the Cadet Chapel. We loved that is it was easy to park and access. It is gorgeous. We loved it!

Michie Stadium

We drove by the stadium and noticed the gates were open. We parked and I was able to get some photos. I love seeing things in person that I have seen on TV.

Views of the Hudson River

We had a beautiful day on the drive. It was so great seeing the graduating seniors in their dress uniforms capturing photos along the river. Thank you all for your service!

West Point Cemetery

We didn’t stop by the Cemetery for the reasons you think. We were looking for restrooms as we head out on our journey to Hudson, NY. We saw them at the entrance of the cemetery. The trees here are amazing!

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