For those who follow my blog, know that I love good food and experiences. One of the things I noticed when we chose Hudson, was that there were lots of choices for restaurants. The thing we didn’t realize was that they all had different days open and many were only opened during the weekends. It’s another change from restaurants re-opening after Covid. Enjoy!

The Wick

I know this is a blog about where to eat in Hudson, NY. First, I want to talk about where we stayed. We chose Hudson because it was only a few hours from Doylestown and there was good food and things to explore (that will be in a different blog).

After doing some research, I found the The Wick. It is a Marriott property and located near the Hudson River. It is a little bit of a walk to the center of town. We were there during the shoulder season and they have a shuttle, but it wasn’t running. Highly recommend the hotel, it has character and an amazing staff. We only ate breakfast at the hotel, so we could explore the restaurants in town.

Off of the back parking lot is a huge old crane. It caught my attention and I love the way it looked.

Wm. Farmer and Sons

We arrived in Hudson, NY with no dinner reservations, because we we didn’t know what time we were going to arrive. We checked into the hotel and then we started to drive to the downtown area to find a place for dinner. We saw Wm. Farmer and Sons and it was Mother’s Day, so we knew that it would be tough to get a table. They had an opening for a two person table, so my parents sat there and I sat at the bar. Their bartender, Sean, gave us a list of restaurants and they were all so good!

Little Rico

When driving down the street towards a park, we stopped at a place for me to get some tea. It was a juice and wellness bodega that served coffee/tea. They have amazing home made pastries that were gluten free and vegan. Their banana bread was yummy and it was vegan/gluten free!

Rivertown Lodge

The tavern at Rivertown Lodge was a recommendation from both of the bartenders at Wm. Farmer and sons. It was delicious. We were able to sit outside with the heat lamps on, which was great. We almost went back a second night. The olives were a yummy start and their fish was great. You can tell my mom was excited for the lemonade by her face. They made it fresh for her.

Circle W General Store

On our way to Kaaterskill Falls, we passed Circle W General store and made a stop. Heading to the falls, I got some tea. I checked out the menu and knew we had to go there for lunch. Have you ever had a sandwich that was so good, you dream of it? For me, that was my lunch here. I am gluten free and sandwiches are usually not something that I love or even order. I did take a picture of the bread, because it was so good! They have many options for vegans as well. When the motto of the store is “Enjoy Every Sandwich,” you know it will be yummy!

Wunderbar Bistro

This was another great recommendation from Sean at Wm. Farmer and Sons. We had a yummy dinner and enjoyed the atmosphere. The staff was welcoming and gave great recommendations of places to visit around town.

The Cascades

We didn’t have lunch plans, so we drove down Warren Street to found a place that was busy. The main street in Hudson is Warren Street, which has been a staple in Hudson since 1933. We found The Cascades and it was yummy food! It was busy with locals, which in my opinion, is always a good sign!

Cá Mea

We made reservations at an Italian restaurant, it’s my parents favorite. This is the only restaurant we had dinner at that wasn’t a recommendation from the bartender the first night. The food was good. We were there early, which is when we always eat. LOL. The only thing I didn’t like was that they asked if I had wanted to taste a wine. When we received the bill, I was charged for the taste. They corrected it. Also, if you share meals, you have a split charge.

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