After we ate and explored Hudson, NY, we began our journey home. Since both the Vanderbilt Mansion and Hyde Park were on the way, we stopped by for a visit. We enjoyed driving down Route 9 vs the highway. It is a nice scenic route. I am glad we stopped, they were on my list to visit and I hadn’t ever been there before.

Vanderbilt Mansion

I found the grounds of the Vanderbilt Mansion to be amazing. I could have stayed there all day watching the river and relaxing. The trees were amazing. Outside of the visitor’s center was a branch from a tree that is no longer there that has taken root. Personally, I have never see that before.

We didn’t plan for a tour, so I just walked around the mansion. There was a tour starting outside when I was walking around and I heard that this mansion was built for just two people. You feel like your are in a different time here.

Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt

We made a quick stop by the home of FDR. This is a national historic site. I did a quick walk around the grounds. When we were were there around 10 am, all of the tours were booked for the day. So, if you are planning on touring, you will want to get them on-line or get there early.

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