In September 2022, I took a trip with my parents to Maine. During our drive, we made a quick stop in Portsmouth, NH. My parents had never been to New Hampshire, so I decided to drive through Portsmouth. We knew that the cabin we rented wasn’t near restaurants or grocery stores,. I knew the best place to get some seafood before Maine was here, so when we saw Sanders Fish Market we stopped. We got some yummy food and cooked a great dinner at our cabin. It was a short stop and I realized that I wanted to plan a longer trip there. I don’t know when, but there is a lot more to visit. When I first started my travels for work, I did visit here many times.

Sanders Fish Market

As someone who is gluten free, there are things that you miss. One of those things for me is chowder. They had gluten free New England Clam Chowder and made sure we had some. It is also my mom’s favorite soup.

Prescott Park

As we were driving out of Portsmouth, I saw a park in bloom. We stopped by to take in the beauty and drive by the historic houses.

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