One of my favorite things to do in the summer is visit the Doylestown Farmers Market. I love walking through the market and cooking meals based on the freshest items in the market. Tonight I cooked dinner that 100% came from the market. Nothing beats summer tomatoes and corn. Loving this vegan dish!

I got these cherry tomato beauties from Sandbrook Meadow Farm.

Cherry Tomatoes
LOVE the color and they are delicious!

I got garlic and shallots locally too. I sautéed them. Loved using my Cutco Cookware and knives!


I sliced the tomatoes and added them to the pan to sauté and cooked them down.

img_2918There was fresh corn at Traugers stand. I cooked the corn and removed it from the cob and added to the tomatoes.


Another favorite stand is Love Grows CSA and made zoodles from their zucchini. I finally used the veggie spiralizer, which I have had for a while.


After the zoodles were cooked, I topped the tomatoes to them. So easy and delish!


For dessert I had an amazing cantaloupe from Love Grows CSA!


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