Doylestown is filled with treasures. Today, there was 30th Anniversary celebration for the Michener Museum. Until a friend told me about the event, I hadn’t realized that there was an event and the opening of a new exhibit. It was a great surprise! There really have been some amazing exhibits at the Michener. Today there were events for children, which included face painting, story telling and music. Admission to the museum was free.

I was motivated to take photos this afternoon and took some on the way to the Michener. It was great to see artists creating art on the ground of the museum. The weather was perfect in Doylestown to create a fun, vibrant, and beautiful atmosphere. I loved that I was able to be both outside and enjoy the museum. As a member, I realized today that I need to spend more time at the museum.

Artists creating art around the Michener!

Fun event at the Michener!

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