Our third day with Carol, from Carol’s Moveable Feast, was extremely special and perfect. It was spent with Andrea Anichini from A Man from Chianti. Andrea is a private chef in the Chianti region of Tuscany.

We started the day visiting the market in Siena. While there he chose fresh produce and fish for a day of cooking at his villa. It was great to watch the Italians chose the items from their favorite stands. There were two fish mongers next to each other one had few customers and the one we purchased items from had a long line. We saw older Italians dressed as if they were going to church to shop at the market. We loved it!

We can’t recommend enough Carol for helping you create your Tuscan dreams! All of our experiences were one of a kind and exactly what we wanted.

After Andrea chose our goodies, we drove through the beautiful tuscan countryside. We felt like we were in a movie and living a dream.

Andrea took us to visit with his friend Daniele Bolognesi. Daniel grows ancient grains and other goodies. We spent the morning learning about ancient grains and how they have less gluten, which was amazing to learn and understand. I learned why I can eat bread in Europe with out any side effects. He has an amazing storage area of his goodies for the winter. We loved seeing them and would have loved to have bring them home with us!

Daniel started up is grinder and showed us the fields that he is growing the grains.

Daniel had “light” appetizers for us to enjoy. It was a perfect end to the morning! I loved being about to eat bread and cheese with no side effects. We really love the simple wine that we enjoyed.

Our next stop was Andrea’s villa in the Tuscan Countryside! The villa is available to rent and would be a perfect place to be under the Tuscan sun. Let’s talk about perfection. This was a perfect day for us. We cooked, talked and laughed with Andrea and his family.

Oliviera di Bandini Sandro is located next to Andrea’s villa in Vagliagli and his is cousin. As the sun was setting we took a walk around the property and we visited the winery.

I wish Andrea delivered his pizza from his truck to Doylestown!

Can you deliver?

Photos are the property of Travel With Laughter and can only be used with written permission.

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