The last month of 2020! Like many of you, there hasn’t been any travel since March for me. I am discovering more of Bucks County, PA all of the time. It has been great driving around and exploring with my parents. I am the only one that they are seeing, so we need to get out and explore. We did go driving around looking at Christmas lights, but I don’t have any pictures from that.

Tree in Bloom

Can you believe that there was a tree blooming in Doylestown on December 1st?! It is 2020, so why wouldn’t a tree be blooming. LOL.

When I saw it, it stopped me in my tracks. We have had warm fall and up till and was even able to eat outside until recently.

Philadelphia at Christmas

My oncology team and plastic surgeon for my breast cancer are in Philadelphia. Throughout 2020, I had been doing my appointments virtually. Since it had been almost a year since my doctor’s had seen me, I went into the city for a follow-up appointment. I had a few minutes to walk around Center City and was nice to see some Christmas decorations. Usually, I am traveling a lot in December and get to see lots of holiday decorations around the country.

Doylestown at Christmas

I have learned that during the pandemic, I need to get out and go for walks in the morning. Since I am working from home, if I don’t I could end up not leaving my apartment all day. During the winter it is dark when I have finished work and don’t wanna go out one at that time. Here are some from my morning walks and from a couple evening walks to look at the lights!

Cuttalossa Creek Park

Cutalossa Road is one of favorite roads in Bucks County. Cutalossa Creek Park is located along the road. I took a drive with my parents. It is beautiful year round.

Drive on River Road Bucks County

My dad asked to take a drive up River Road in Bucks County and head to Trauger’s Farm Market. He loves their baked goods and we love supporting local farmers. The Delaware River was high and flowing fast from the snow melt that happened over Christmas. There was lots of icicles on the rocks. We have perfected eating lunch in the car! We get food to go and find a park to eat our meal in the car.


It is hard to believe that last winter we had no snow. We had a dusting of snow and five inch storm in December. As I write this on New Year’s Eve, it is raining and was a high of 44 degrees.

Wish you all peace, love and joy in 2021!

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