The new year has begun. At times it feels like a new year and at times it feels like the 13th month of 2020. As I always try to look at the positive side, there are times when things are tough for everyone. I had a friend ask me if I missed traveling. I said yes, I do love Doylestown, but I miss experiencing new places. Someone I follow on Instagram asked the question, what do you miss the most? I have to say it’s meeting friends for a simple cup of coffee or meal at a restaurant. The things we did a year ago that were taken for granted, I hope are never taken again for granted. I find it tougher in the winter and in the cold during the pandemic. I am blessed, but just like everyone have tough moments.

There are many things that I hope we remember and continue to do after the pandemic has ended. Life wasn’t perfect before and it still isn’t perfect. I have learned for me that it is important to have things to look forward too. For me those things are not the same as they were before the pandemic. Yet, important to have no matter how big or small.

Here are a few photos that are moments of joy from January:

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