January 7th was the first snow of 2022 in Doylestown, PA! Earlier in the week there was a snow storm all around our area, except for us. I was excited to see the snow and it was beautiful. This morning, I walked around town and took photos. It was quiet and loved walking around. I had so much fun walking around town. I saw so many people out and about. Many of them I hadn’t seen in a long time. The snow was light and I think many were happy. I loved seeing the beauty of the snow and photographing the beauty.

Natalie Napolean of LAB 58 posts about iPhone hacks. Yesterday, she posted how to do hacks with the macro feature. During my walk around Doylestown, I had fun with the macro feature. I look forward to playing with this feature more.

On Friday nights, I usually go to Domani Star for dinner. It is my favorite place and feel at home there. I put the food on my dishes and felt great!

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