Our trip to Croatia was based in Dubrovnik. We had decided to not move often like we had on our previous trips. Since we were in Croatia during the shoulder season, the ferries to the Croatian islands were not running as often as we would have liked. We looked at the map and decided what day trips were within driving distance Dubrovnik. So, we chose to do a tour to Montenegro. We used Royal Croatian Tours to plan the activities for our trip. For those who follow me know after our first trip, we ask our friends/previous tour guides for recommendations. Royal Croatian Tours was referred to me by the owner of Domani Star. Our guide for all of our trips was Zoran Dragić and he was amazing. I highly recommend asking for him.

When we were deciding what day to visit Montenegro, we looked at the cruise ship schedule to make sure there weren’t ships in port. I am happy that we found a day in Kotor that didn’t have any ships in port.

We also had a guide walk us around the Old Town for a little bit to explain the history of the town. Old Town Kotor is a walled Medieval city and is known as one of the most well preserved on the Mediterranean. We didn’t walk the wall, but you are able to, if you want. Since 1979, this area has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, it is currently in jeopardy of losing the status because of the development occurring around the bay.

Old Town Kotor

Cathedral of St. Trifun

St. Trifun is located in the center of Kotor and dates back to 1166. It has survived a fire and a couple of earthquakes. There really is something magical about the churches in Europe.

St. Luka

Built in 1195 St. Luke’s is beautiful. From the outside, you would never know the beauty which lies inside.

Our Lady of the Rocks

We walked from town center to an area where we got a boat taxi to Our Lady of the Rocks. It was beautiful and I thought the view from land of the church was the most beautiful part.

Located in the bay of Boka Kotorska are two islands and one of them has Our Lady of the Rocks.

Konavoski Dvori Eco Green Restaurant

On our way to Kotor, we discussed food with Zoran. We had asked him where the best place to get ispod peke was because we wanted to have it for a meal. He asked if wanted to go to a place that afternoon or stay in Kotor for lunch. He recommended Konavoski Dvori Eco Green and called to see if they could make it for us that afternoon. It is a meal that cooks for at least three hours and you need to order it either that morning or the night before. It was a beautiful spot and great food.

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