We based our trip to Croatia in Dubrovnik. We planned day trips and time to explore Dubrovnik. It was relaxing and fun to explore Dubrovnik with no real plans. We had structure and planned day trips, so we didn’t want to feel rushed or scheduled during our free days in Dubrovnik. The biggest benefit of traveling to Europe during the shoulder seasons is smaller crowds. There were less cruise ships and the weather was still beautiful. We visited in mid-October.

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik

As with our trip to Italy, Nancy was charge of finding the hotel in Dubrovnik. She had found the Adriatic Luxury Hotel group, which has hotels in the Dubrovnik area. For the dates we were there, Hotel Bellevue had availability. We were extremely happy there. The views, hotel staff and views were all amazing. The funny part is a few months prior to our visit, one of my friends stayed at another one of their other properties and loved it as well.

The Wine Bar- Hotel Bellvue

One night after dinner we went to the wine bar in the hotel. It was beautiful and fun! Of course we chose a pink bubbles to enjoy.


One of my friend’s on Facebook saw I was in Dubrovnik and recommended Buža. We followed the signs and went through a wall to find this! If you go there be sure to bring a hat and dress cool. There is no shade and you are in the full sun. It is on the side of the wall and on rocks that look out to the sea.

Walking around Dubrovnik

One of my favorite things to do is to get “lost” in a city. We have found some of our favorite spots doing that on vacation.

Domino Church

Another one of my favorite things to do in Europe is to stop in churches that we pass. I have seen museum quality art in churches, which is such a treat.

Church of St. Ignatius

The church was across from where we were eating lunch. The server recommended that we visit. The frescoes in the church are breathtaking.

Konoba Jezuite

This was a great lunch. The food, servers and views were on point. How can you beat the views? The photos of us in front of St. Ignatius are my all-time favorite. I am grateful to the server who took them for us.

Jesuit Staircase

I have never watched The Game of Thrones and yes I know I am one of the few people who haven’t. I did know that it was filmed in parts of Dubrovnik. One of the famous scenes takes place at the Jesuit staircase. The funny part is that we took the photos below not knowing it was the famous staircase till Nancy posted the photos on Facebook. We then got comments about where we were from friends. Travel with Laughter! This was around the corner from where we had lunch.


We had dinner one night in Dubrovnik and found this gem of a place. I remembering saying during dinner that I wanted to focus on our time together, so I didn’t take pics of the meal with my Canon. These photos are from our iPhones. Now I wish I had, but I was glad to spend time enjoying our meal.

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